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* The Baby Pack Project * Kwa Zulu Natal

About Us
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How it all began and what we do now.

Upon learning that newborn babies at a clinic in Kwa Zulu Natal were being sent home wrapped in newspaper, local woman Gill Richardson sprang into action. The Baby Pack Project has grown out of that seed of compassion sown by that lovely lady back in 2005. The Baby Pack Project make up “baby-packs” for mothers of newborn babies who would otherwise have nothing.   

In 2006 the Project was contacted by the Margate Child Welfare Dept who had heard about the Baby Pack Project. They enquired as to whether we could supply them with baby-packs to distribute to the mothers of newborn babies in the very poorest areas of Kwa Zulu Natal province. We were only too glad to help and between 20 and 30 packs a month now go to the Margate Child Welfare Department. The Baby Pack Project also continue to supply Margate Parish with baby wear for new mothers leaving the Ntabeni clinic.

The contents of the baby packs are items donated from as far away as Ireland, Britain, America, Canada and Spain. Our supporters work tirelessly knitting, crocheting & sewing babywear, cloth nappies, blankets etc. and then post them to Val Bailey at Box 654, Shelly Beach 4265, South Africa. Val makes up each pack in her own time. Everyone involved in, or associated with, the Baby Pack Project is a volunteer and no-one gets paid.


Each of our packs given to the mums contain a cloth nappy/diaper, 1 nappy pin and waterproof pants, a towel, soap, hat, booties or mittens, a babygro, jumper or sweater, a small blanket & a little knitted toy.



The Baby Pack Project, Val Bailey, Box 654, Shelly Beach 4265, South Africa.